data/new img/novo_cutter_einzel_09.jpgNovoCut® CNC cutters

Our modern precision cutting systems process a great variety of materials, such as: garment and upholstery fabrics, foam, foils, fleece, rubber, composite materials, plastics, felt, carbon, Pre preg and a lot more..

Why not convince yourself of the performance of our CNC Cutters for single, low and high layer cutting? On request, we are happy to consult to you individually and competently at your site of production.

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data/new img/soft_techn_mode.jpgNovoCut® software for technical textiles

NovoCut® is a complex system used for the technical cutting preparation (CAD/CAM) of a broad range of technical products.

It meets all demands of a modern and efficient production for the entire variety of the manifold goods.

The system is used, for instance,
in the areas of:

  • aviation and space technology
  • automotive industry
  • tarpaulins, tents, roofing
  • mechanical engineering
  • elements (seals, cladding etc)
  • furniture industry
  • home textiles

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data/new img/soft_bekleid_mass.jpgNovoCut® software for clothing manufactorers

NovoCut® is a complex CAD System that meets all the demands of a modern and efficient production preparation of clothing of the different ranges.

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data/new img/Lederzuschnitt Polster.jpgNovoCut® Lether optimisation systems

The NovoCut® Leather optimisation systems offer you the possibility to optimise and cut leather hides highly efficient.

For that purpose the leather hide is scanned, analysed and passed to the NovoCut® NovoLeath by a Laser-Beamer system or by a camera scan. 

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