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TurboCut L1 - Leathercutter

Optimisation and cutting of natural leather skin

  • best cutting and milling quality at highest productivity
  • projection by means of a Laser Beamer Projection System
  • recording the contour of the leather hide with a fast laser dialogue system
  • placement of the pieces with either an interactive or an automatic optimisation program
  • optimal material use

TurboCut L1

After the cutting, the sorting may be supported with the help of a plasma monitor and by marking the pieces, so that even the smallest pieces may be allocated speedily and correctly.

The previous optimisation of the cutting pieces on the leather hide occurs by one of our leather optimisation systems:

» Camera Scan system
With the NovoCut® Camera Scan the pre-marked leather hide is photographed by a special camera and put out to the NovoCut® module NovoLeath.

» Laser-Beamer system
With the NovoCut® Laser-Beamer system the scanning of the leather hide as well as the input of defects and quality zones occurs by a powerful laser.


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All cutters may be combined optionally with a feeding table before the cutting window and an additional removal unit following the cutting. Thus, every system may be configured individually, corresponding with the specific requirements. The total length of a production line may be up to 10 m.