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TurboCut P1 - Single layer precision cutting machine

Whatever your cutting requirements may be.. we have the solution!

  • efficient and flexible through intelligent tool management
  • robust and compact high-tech design
  • retrofittable, convertible and exchangeable
  • greatest selection of precision cutters and milling cutters
  • highest degree of flexibility and individual solutions through modular design
  • best cutting and milling quality at highest productivity

TurboCut L1

Solid equipment

  • solid, welded construction (frame or side support version)
  • slip-'free stell band drive (patented) with hardenend and ground linear guides for superb quality and high precision
  • all axes with highly dynamic DC-motor drives
  • acrylic table top, knife and service friendly
  • material hold-down with stepless vacuum system


data/new img/cutter/tech_cutt_Turbo_P1_bsp.jpg
Sample of configuration for single layers or low layers cutting with feeder (material feeding), cutting table and removal table

All cutters may be combined optionally with a feeding table before the cutting window and an additional removal unit following the cutting. Thus, every system may be configured individually, corresponding with the specific requirements. The total length of a production line may be up to 10 m.

Technical specifications
Adressable resolution: 0,01 mm
Speed: 1 - 1000 mm/sec, max. speed depending on tool head
Acceleration: 1 - 10 m/sec, max. speed depending on tool head
Material clearance: 30 mm standard, depending on tool head, optional 50/75 mm
Mains supply cutter: 110 V, 115 V, 230 V / 150 - 60 Hz, 700 VA single phase
Mains supply vacuum pump standard: 230 V, / 50 Hz single phase 1,1kW (other on request)
Mains supply vacuum pump three phase: 3 x 400 V, / 50 Hz three phase to 12kW (other on request)
Mains supply compressed air Tz-P-Pu: cutting and punching head Tz-P-Pu 20 l/min at 6 bar
Mains supply compressed air POT: pneumatic oscillating tool POT min. 400 l/min at 8 bar
Safety (CE, UL): Light barriers with integrated self test to control the working area
Environment: Operating temperature +10° ... +35°C
Storage tempearture  -20° ... +52°C
Relative humidity 40% ... 80%, no condensation