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Leather optimisation systems


The NovoCut® Leather optimisation systems offer you the possibility to optimise and cut leather hides highly efficient.

For that purpose the leather hide is scanned, analysed and passed to the NovoCut® NovoLeath by a Laser-Beamer system or by camera.

NovoLeath nests the cutting pieces automatically according to the orders on the leather hide with regard to the defects and quality zones. A manual placing of pieces with following automatic optimisation of the other pieces is also possible.

For this the cutting pieces are divided into different quality zones beforehand (e. g. a worse quality zone for the seam allowance).


» Camera Scan system
With the NovoCut® Camera Scan the pre-marked leather hide is photographed by a special camera and put out to the NovoCut® module NovoLeath.

» Laser-Beamer system
With the NovoCut® Laser-Beamer system the scanning of the leather hide as well as the input of defects and quality zones occurs by a powerful laser.