Camera Scan System

With the NovoCut® Camera Scan the pre-marked leather hide is photographed by a special camera and put out to the NovoCut® module NovoLeath.

Marks like gnat bites and small defects are set by marking points. This can happen independently from other processes.

Larger spoilt areas as well as the quality zones are marked directly on the cutter with string band.

data/new img/ledersys2.jpg

After the photograph an analyses of the picture occurs. After the analysis the quality zones are shown at the monitor in different colours.

data/new img/ledersys3.jpg

Following the program NovoLeath handles the leather hide information and optimises the cutting pieces highly efficient according to the orders on the leather hide. One order can be placed on several leather hides.

data/new img/ledersys4.jpg

The automatic optimisation process can be followed at the monitor. The result of the optimisation can be influenced by placing certain pieces manually beforehand. The remaining pieces are nested around them fully automatic.

Directly after the optimisation the cutting process can be started.