Laser-Beamer system

With the NovoCut® Laser-Beamer system the scanning of the leather hide as well as the input of defects and quality zones occurs by a powerful laser. A pre-marking of the leather hide is not necessary.

data/new img/ledersys5.png

The program NovoLeath optimises the cutting pieces fully automatic under consideration of the quality zones and defects. By manual placing of certain pieces with following optimisation of the other pieces the result can be influences interactively.

During the nesting process as well the scanned hide with the defects as also the pieces are projected 1:1 on the hide by a high-definition beamer. That way the optimisation process can be followed at the monitor or directly on the cutter.

data/new img/ledersys6.png

One hide can combine several orders. One order can by optimised over multiple hides.


Technical specifications - Projection System
Laser: Precision Laser Performance: 5 mW, Laser protection class 2 M
Operating voltage: 230 V
Weight: 20 kg
Operating temperature: +5° ... +40°C
Beamer: High resolution beamer with extreme light power
Operating voltage: 230 V
Feeding: DVI cable, 15 m
Weight: including special suspension and
mirror - aprox. 60 kg