NovoCut® Patterning to Measure


With NovoCut® Patterning to Measure, basic and style patterning may be performed freely (without the Digitizer) with any construction system and measure table. Patterns once developed may be called up at any time and may be modelled in many ways to suit current trends and customer wishes.

A style may be produced within a few seconds by entering or selecting the variable body or patterning measures using any standard size rows or according to the individual customer measure.

The system application is greatly adjusted to the manual working methods of a patterning operator and is easy to learn. All the names for body and patterning measures may be chosen and amended freely by the user.

Virtual prototyping and 3D fashion shows supply a style view without a sample in advance. With a high effectiveness the 3D style files can be used for impressive product shows via internet or other data mediums.