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NovoCut® CAD Software System

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NovoCut® CAD Software System is a complex system used for the technical cutting preparation (CAD/CAM) for a broad range of technical products.

It meets all demands of a modern and efficient production for the entire variety of the manifold goods.

The system is used, for instance, in the areas of:

  • aviation and space technology
  • automotive industry
  • tarpaulins, tents, roofing
  • mechanical engineering elements (seals, cladding, etc.)
  • furniture industry
  • home textiles


» Construction Technic
Free construction of pieces according to variable, geometric parameters. Rational job processing through model libraries, registering numbers and piece parameters

» Construction
Construction, import and digitisation of pattern, varied modelling and modification

» Assistant
Style sheet with a style description and graphics, processing hints, material pre-calculation and part lists

» Sewing Routine
Manufacturing and assembly plan for every working step in production

» Disponent
Registering the jobs and administering the items, optimising the size combinations for putting together the marker, material calculation

» Marker / AutoExpert
Professional, automatic marker optimisation, pattern placement in consideration of defective areas in fabric, rapport processing, level layers and a lot more.

» NovoPlot
Plotter drive, plotting-job output

» Cutter Optimisation / RC-Cut
Cutting data optimisation for CNC cutters with regard to cutting time and quality, including data import and material optimisation

» NovoLeath
High efficient pattern optimisation on leather skins - interactive and automatic, different zones of leather skin quality and classification of each pattern are taken into consideration for a perfect leather utilization