NovoCut® Construction Technic


With NovoCut® Construction Technic any system may be used for constructing patterns. By using variable geometric parameters, any pattern may be controlled individually, one cut is available immediately in an infinite number of size variations.

Cuts once prepared are accessible at all times and may be modified according to the customer's wish in many ways, to be processed by NovoCut® Marker Optimisation in a second step.

Using NovoGeo, pieces may be compiled as a cutting job directly at the cutter using variable geometric parameters.

This module contains customer specific, prefabricated pieces, which may be processed using variable parameters (length, width, angle etc).

In other words, piece construction, material optimisation and cutting control are performed in one working step.

Programme sequence:

  • choose the piece shapes
  • determine the geometric parameters
  • register the number of pieces
  • enter the job number

All geometric data, construction parameters etc, may be named freely by the user and be defined by the allocation of values or formulas. This program module may be applied safely also by an untrained user within a short period of time.